The Student Activities Committee of IEEE Sri Lanka Section (SLSAC) is the pinnacle of IEEE student volunteers. SLSAC is in charge of giving critical perspectives and information, organizing student-beneficial programs, and reflecting the voice of all IEEE student volunteers and members across 21 (and growing) universities in Sri Lanka. IEEE Techno Meetup Sri Lanka (TMSL) is a major project conducted under the Technical Activities Subcommittee of SLSAC.


IEEE TMSL  was created in 2017 to provide undergraduates with education and networking opportunities with industry professionals through Tech Meetups. This year we are continuing our journey for the sixth year  rebranded under the name “IEEE Techverse” and we will not alter the  fundamental concept of IEEE TMSL which is conducting Meetups. However, through  IEEE Techverse, we will focus more on creating content on a variety of technology-related topics.


IEEE Techverse is conducted under the main theme Exploring the Tech Universe and there will be bi-monthly sessions aligning to it. Each session will consist of 3 sub brandsTech Innovador Podcast, Techsphere and Techscribe, All meetups were conducted through a virtual platform last year, but this time we plan to conduct on-site meetups and we would strive to make IEEE Techverse a well-known technology meetup series.

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